28 March 2009

Screenwriting/Scriptwriting in Chicago

ChicagoWriter Books has titles that cover book publishers, magazine publishers, multicultural publishers, young writers, professional writers, writing in the not-for-profit market, the zine scene--and now, the screen scene with the release of A Guide to Chicago's Screen Scene & Scriptwriting Market.

Think you need to head to LA to write scripts for a living? Forget about it!

Sure, they produce blockbuster action movies in California, but if you have a facility for dialogue and a knack for describing scenes in visual terms, Chicago’s screen scene can keep you busy full time!

Hundreds of theatres, ad agencies, and marketing communications companies routinely hire writers and buy scripts. They service corporations, associations, and educational institutions locally and around the globe. Specialize in a segment or write across the board and script writing success can be yours!

A Guide to Chicago’s Screen Scene & Scriptwriting Market lists names, contact information, and representative markets and specialties. Also included is information on professional organizations, staffing firms, industry publications, scriptwriting software, and local training opportunities.

No need to pick up and move to make your move in movies. Let A Guide to Chicago’s Screen Scene direct your career to screenwriting success.

Find out more at ChicagoWriter.com.

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