19 February 2009

Art Challenge February Results

Month two of my art challenge is ready to shine! This is such a fun--and educational--process. One would think that making tiny 4x4-inch artworks would only take the better part of a Sunday afternoon. But, no. Painting, staining, layering and glazing all take their own drying times regardless of whether you're working large or small. Plus there's the process of discovering just the right bits and pieces and found items for the composition.

Well, here it is. The theme this month in honor of St. Valentine's Day is "Billet Doux."

I started with plywood 4x4s faux painted in gemstone finishes of: malachite, lapis, topaz, and garnet.

The central technique this month was working with photo images and acrylic transfers. Clockwise from top left, I used a matte gel medium transfer, a hand tinted black and white photo, a clear gloss gel medium transfer, and a heat transfer.

Completed, the works include painting, image transfers, collage, found objects, and stamping.

I'm pleased with the results and can hardly wait to march on to next month's project.