23 June 2009

Which Niche Tickles Your Writing Itch?

What separates a successful writer from an underpaid freelancer?
Niche writing

Nothing spells success more than having a specialty. Anyone can do a variety of things in a mediocre fashion. Very few can do one or two things exceptionally well. Niche writing focuses your interests and talents in one direction. Like a laser beam, writing and selling in a niche market exponentially increases your cachet, your credibility, your success.

Those who research such things say that if you study a subject for five years, you will know more about it than 90% of the population. Why diffuse your time and your talent by catching freelance jobs here and there when you can develop a niche expertise and have clients coming to you.

Which niche tickles your writing itch? What's your expertise? What's your interest? What's your passion?

Finding a writing niche at which you can be successful can be as easy as discovering what makes you happy to write about. What could you work at and delve into happily day to day?

The Nitch Witch's niche writing guides don't tell you what to write, but they do tell you who's buying what you're writing. Current titles include:
  • Guide to Business Book Publishers
  • Guide to Catholic Book Publishers
  • Guide to Children's Book Publishers
  • Guide to Food & Cookery Book Publishers
  • Guide to GLBT Book Publishers
with more to come later this year.

Each guide profiles publishers in the particular niche, including: what they publish, representative titles, what they're currently seeking, whether they accept unsolicited manuscripts, and query/submission guidelines.

Expand your writing world by narrowing your focus. Find your passion and then know your niche for writing success.

Happy writing!