25 February 2008

What Do Writers Dream?

I'm always intrigued at the angst some writers express at losing a job, being bypassed for a promotion, or getting turned down for a writing assignment or contract. Granted, we all have bills to pay. But that should be the limit of our concern about temporary unemployment.

One job, one assignment, one contract does not a career make. Not even a series of jobs or assignments make up a career. Your career is the big picture about what you want to do with your professional life. What do you want it to amount to? What is the path you want it to take? What do you dream for it?

Anyone who has planned a trip knows that there is always more than one way to get to the final destination. Same goes for careers. If you know what you dream about doing with your career, you will realize that every job, every assignment is a step toward your career destination. There is some lesson to be learned; some skill to be gained.

Look at the big picture. What do you dream about? Keep that dream in the forefront the next time you lose a job (it might just be the universe telling you it's time to move on) or miss an opportunity (maybe you weren't yet ready to make the most of it). Take a few minutes of downtime to correct the course for your "write" destination. Then pick yourself up and take another step forward.