08 April 2009

Bookplates Are Bella!

Last fall, as the weather turned cold and the economy turned harsh, I noticed an increase in orders at ChicagoWriter.com for our personalized bookplates. It seems people were staying in more with good books and building libraries with personal flair.

I began designing bookplates a couple of years ago as gifts for book-loving friends and family. As the designs outgrew my personal needs, I began offering them on the website. I figured that writers are natural book lovers.

Not always the same people who buy our books purchase our bookplates, but, happily, there seems to be a renaissance in collecting and maintaining personal libraries. And bookplates are a natural adjunct to proclaiming ownership of beloved titles.

As sales have increased, it was time to make a permanent space for our bookplates on the internet. So, today, BellaBookplates.com was launched. No books, no workshops, no consulting services. Just beautiful, bella bookplates.

Bella Bookplates are full color printed on self-adhesive paper. They come six bookplates to a sheet and sell for $3.00 per sheet. There are currently 36 designs and all can be personalized with your name. They're also great for gifts! And the best prices on the web.

The art of bookplate design goes back to the mid 1400s. I think it's time to revive the custom of putting our personal touch on an important part of our lives.