27 March 2009

Art Challenge March Results

This challenge was more about the process than the results. I say that because I'm not especially thrilled with the outcome--and I want to believe that I gained something from my endeavors.

March's Theme was "Favorite Tales."
I started with a sheet of Yupo. That's the new polypropylene support created for water color techniques. I sponged thinned watercolor on to give the page four distinct backgrounds.

I then brushed on two coats of Golden's Digital Ground for Nonporous Surfaces. Using MS Publisher, I formatted four 4x4 text boxes with the first paragraphs of four of my favorite books. I ran the Yupo through the inkjet to print the text on the painted background. I then finished off with a coat of glossy gel topcoat. Note here that even allowing for 24 hours drying time, the ink still blurred a bit when I attempted to apply acrylic on top of the gel topcoat. I think Yupo was not the ideal surface to use with this technique.

Once all painted media dried, I collaged paper and found items, punched holes, and added ribbon. Once gel medium was added to the surface to tack down the collage items, the Yupo began to curl. (This is pretty expensive paper to be so tempermental.)

Finishing the challenge, I mounted the Yupo to matboard. No wet glues adhered--even those boasting plastic, wood, and metal staying power. The only adhesive that took on the first try was a good old glue stick. A frustrating process, but a finished challenge nevertheless.

And speaking of Favorite Tails, Darcy wasn't impressed with the challenge results either, but is always available for a photo op. (His brother, Paris, buried himself in the bedclothes this morning and could not be bothered to join us.)

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